January 03, 2012

How often you should replace your makeup

Happy New Year everyone! I hope everyone had a healthy and happy holiday season.

Now that it is the new year it may be time for new make-up as well!

I thought this would be a handy blog on how often to replace your current make-up that you are using. By replacing your make-up every so often it will help prevent extra bacteria from getting on your face and on your eyes.

First, I must mention you should be washing your make-up brushes once a week which will also prevent bacteria  from getting on your face and in your product. I use regular softsoap with my brushes and it cleans them great. 

1.) MASCARA- You should be replacing your mascara every 3-6 months. I've noticed if you wait to long to change mascara it starts to smell, dry out or clump. If yours is doing any of these things you should throw it out.

2.) FOUNDATION- If you are using your fingers in the product to apply to your face you should be changing your foundation every 6 months. If you are using a foundation with a pump you could probably get away with changing it every 8 months. Since your skin color changes from pale in the winter to tan in the summer this workouts to change it every 6 months anyway since you will need two different colors throughout the year. You will also know to throw this out if it starts to get a funky smell or change color or not work effectively.

3.) BRONZER/BLUSH/FACE POWDER- You can get away with having your face powders for a year (if they last that long).

4.) EYELINER- You should replace your liquid liner every 6 months and your pencil liner can last up to a year or so depending on how often you use it. Every time you sharpen it it's like using it for the first time with a new clean layer of liner for your eyes so those tend to last longer.

5.) LIPSTICK/LIPGLOSS- These can last up until a year or two depending on how often you use this as well.

6.) NAIL POLISH- Nail polish can last up to 2 years. It's pretty obvious to tell when they have gone bad. They get thick and gooey and don't apply on your nail right.

***It is really important if you every get an eye infection or a nail infection to throw out the products you use IMMEDIATELY and buy new ones.***