January 15, 2016

IPSY Product Reviews - January Glam Bag

Hi ladies!!! Welcome back to my blog! It's been awhile, I know! I missed you! Today I'll be posting about some reviews of recent products I've used this month and what I thought of them so far.

I've been receiving a monthly IPSY bag for about 4 years now and for $10 a month I really enjoy it. For those of you who aren't familiar with IPSY or Birchbox, these are basically monthly subscriptions to beauty products and each month they come with 4-5 deluxe size makeup samples from products like skin care, eye shadow, eye liner, bronzer and lip products. They are super fun and since I'm such a makeup fan, I really enjoy trying out new products every month.

Every month around the 10th of the month IPSY mails out a different themed bag of the month with 4 or 5 samples of beauty products and January's bag was totally one of my favorites. Reminds me kinda of Andy Warhol's paintings.

How cute is this bag?
In this months bag I received a brown eyeliner, an eye serum, eyeshadow, eyebrow powder and cleansing wipes. Let's start with my review of the brown eyeliner.


I'm a fan of theBalm makeup line. They have good eye-shadows and I love they're style of pinup's and the names they name their products. I received "Mr. Write (Now)" in Rich Bronze. For some reason this picture makes the eyeliner look like it's gold but I assure you it's a medium brown in color. These pencils typically cost $17.00 a piece so you can see where it's nice to get a beauty bag subscription like IPSY because right there your saving $7 on an eyeliner and getting 4 additional product in your bag of equal or lesser value.

Overall I like the eyeliner but more for the bottom lash line. It's pretty shimmery and doesn't sit that well on top of eye-shadow and it rubs away a little easier than I like without eyeshadow on. I've worn it both ways to see how it would sit on my eyes. When I'm using any pencil eyeliner I like when it has more staying power or is waterproof because who has the time to touch up there makeup everyday (if you do, you're lucky). My verdict is I wouldn't purchase this on my own but was happy to try a new liner.



Another thing I love about getting a beauty bag monthly is I get introduced to a new makeup line I've never heard of before and Hey Honey! is one of the new ones I learned about in this month's bag. The creator of this line, Katerina Yoffe- Larden, created all these skin care items using actual honey and propolis (the stuff inside of the beehive). Both these ingredients are paraben and SLA free.  I received this awesome, moisturizing eye serum by this line called Hey Honey! Open Your Eyes: Eye Contour Lifting Fluid and I love it! It does exactly what it says it does online by quickly absorbing into your skin, moisturizing, lifting and helping prime the area a bit for concealer. I love that I feel like this serum could even replace my regular eye cream because it's so silky and watery that a little goes a long way and I don't have to wait a long time to put my makeup on after applying. This eye serum is $28.00. I would definitely purchase this on my own and am really excited to check out the rest of this skincare line because I like that these products are made out of natural ingredients and are known to be super balancing.


Skyn Iceland is a 2nd brand I was introduced to in this month's IPSY bag. This is another line of makeup that is paraben-free & all natural which is an immediate plus in my book. I love a good facial wipe. Especially on days when I don't feel like exfoliating or washing my facial with soap and water this is the perfect "to-go" wipe to keep in your purse. The coolest thing about Skyn's Glacial Cleansing Cloths is you don't need water after you use them to rinse off the soap. The smell of these wipes is super invigorating and calming. The only downside of the "no rinse needed" is I don't like the smell it then leaves on your face. It's a great smell initially but I still take some water to my face to get the smell off because for some reason I still feel like the soap is then left on your skin. The ingredients in these wipes include: white willow bark (soothes irritation), islandic kelp (revitalizes), cucumber (smooths/softens skin), coconut (cleanses), and alpha bisabolol (anti irritant). Not only do these wipes wash your face and leave your skin feeling so supple and clean, but they remove makeup to. The one thing though is they don't remove the makeup from your eyes that well, so you do still need an eye makeup remover if you want to wash your face with these. That was the only downside for me.

Another perk of IPSY is when they send these products out, that month you are also offered a discount on purchasing the full sized product on the company's website. Skyn offered a 40% discount on full sized items and I'm definitely purchases a pack or two of these to keep in my purse for on the go. I'm due for our 1st baby in a few weeks and I'm pretty sure I won't be wearing much makeup for awhile so it'll be great to use these when I need some quick pampering to get me through my new mommy days.

I'm not going to review the eyeshadow or the brow eyeshadow because I wasn't a huge fan of either product and the three above were most note-worthy items for me from this January IPSY bag.

Hope you enjoyed reading my first blog of 2016! If you don't already have a beauty bag subscription, I hope if your a makeup junkie like me, that this post changes your mind! They're well worth it!