August 08, 2017

What is next for the Blog?

 It's been a long time since I've wrote a written blog for you all but wanted to take some time out to share some of my thoughts from everything I've been working on this year. 

 For those of you who are actively following me and even for those of you who aren't, I started my revamped version of Beauty Blogging back in December 2016 and it's be a trip. I created my public profile on Instagram and my Youtube channel and surprising wasn't afraid to post videos of myself to the public even though I thought I would have been. Part of that is because I think it's become so normal for everyone to express themselves publicly where 10+ years ago before the iPhone and social media that wasn't the case. The whole thing started of as a rush, I won't even lie. It was awesome to get "likes", "loves", and even a compliment here or there even though that wasn't the point of what I was doing. Sure, there are people out there who post for attention but I post for my own creativity. Eventually that little stuff loses it's luster and you have to find ways to stay motivated, inspired, and creative to keep up with trends and new products coming out. It can be exhausting and constant but it really is so much fun for me to explore. Especially when it comes to making it my own. 

 After I became a full time stay at home mom to my son last year, anything that had to do with ME went out the window. Having my first baby was like taking the life I created and built up until then, all 30 years of me and turning that box of everything I knew and dumping it all out on the ground. There were broken pieces, there were pieces of me I had lost along the way, there were new things I was finding out about myself as a mother and my child that was so overwhelming that only mother's who have ever felt that way could relate to what I went through.  

As a person with a Bachelors degree in Studio Art, creating has been my greatest passion. I even discussed with my husband last night how tough it can be to be a creative person like me because I'm not driven by money, I'm not driven by power. I'm a hard working, loyal wife and mother first and foremost. I'm someone who has a huge heart and has been hurt by a whole lot of people just like everyone else. I'm someone who despite my greatest efforts of avoiding it, feels things deeper than most and tries to block that out because it makes most people uncomfortable. Yet, I'm driven and inspired by positive quotes, other artists, positive people, my faith in God and people who are in touch with their truth. The creative part of me is the easiest part of me to bury but at the core of it I knew it's what I always been meant to do from a young age.

That brings me to now. What's next for me? Where do I take Dee's Beauty Blog so it continues to grow, so it continues to help others, inspire others, connect me to others with same minds and same hearts? I go back and forth between buying my own website and getting a web designer to help me create something awesome, I debate if I should use my Youtube channel to speak on beauty, womanhood, and motherhood and keep up with my Instagram "Makeup of the day" posts. Am I a Beauty Blogger or Beauty Influencer or both and what's the difference? All I know now is what I'm doing here is positive and has been really beneficial for me as far as having something special for me. I look forward to working through the puzzle pieces to figure out the best way to create something bigger and more special to all my followers as well. 

Thank you, as always, to my most loyal friends, family and followers who have been there for me to encourage me always! You're support means so so much! I can't wait to hit some major goals this year including my ONE YEAR anniversary! It's been such a fun ride so far.