September 19, 2013

Fall 2013 New Nail Trends

As I was writing my Fall 2013 Beauty Trends blog I realized that a lot of fun new looks with nails was also big with the changing season so I decided to write a whole separate blog on some of the cool new looks on the horizon.

Hints of Black

I'm really feeling the nail trends on the runways lately. I was on the black nail polish train when black nails became big in 2007-2008 but coincidentally had dyed my hair black around the same time so people used to tell me I looked goth and shortly after I got over the black nail polish trend. Ha! Ha!

 I like the new idea of having subtle hints of black on your nails and think the "half moon" nail polish look is really neat. Check out this quick and easy tutorial I found on youtube to give this trend a try at home! DIY Half Moon Nails Tutorial 

3D Effects

I think ever since nail stickers became a huge seller on the market and started selling like mad, beauty companies since have been less afraid to try and create even more fun nail products for women to experiment at home. I know for me, I don't like to dish out money on my nails very often because it seems kind of wasteful. I am a creative person at heart and why not do it for myself at home. As time goes on there are more and more options for people to try fun looks like these at home.

Pick up some rhinestones at Walgreens. Pinterest different DIY nail art. Cut some lace and lay it on your wet nail! Have fun with it! 


Silver nail polishes with purple undertones seem to be a popular choice of color recently as well as gold and dark silver colors. Check out some of the types of metallic nail colors trending now.

OPI Nail Lacquer in Peace, Love, and OPI, $6.95

Orly Nail Lacquer in Angel Rain, $4.99
Topshop Nails in Aurora $10

Essie Nail Polish in For the Twill of It, $8

  Oxblood Red

Oxblood red will eternally be a staple color for the Fall when it comes to nail polish colors. It's just so pretty. Below are a couple of my favorite colors by Essie and OPI.

OPI Lost on Lombard $9

Essie in Sole Mate $8
Essie in Bordeaux$8

 Thanks for checking out my blog! Hope you enjoyed checking out the latest in nail trends!

September 16, 2013

Fall 2013 Beauty Trends

A new season is slowly but surely creeping upon us and soon Summer will change to Fall. While it's bittersweet, it is always fun to switch up looks with the seasons and Fall is one of my favorite beauty seasons for a change!

Matte Manis

These are fun and I've done these a lot in the last year. Grab a bottle of your favorite nail polish and mattify it using a matte top coat that you can buy at your local beauty stores. The one I use and love is Essie's "Matte About You". I've previously blogged about this trend and it's totally fun and easy. The matte top coat seems to dry must faster than a regular top coat.

 Bushy Brows

This season get ready to put your tweezers down and cancel your waxing appoitments. Bushy brows are in! If you had told me this when I was 14 I would have felt much better about my huge caterpillar eyebrows. Ha!

The way to help achieve this look even if you have thinner brows is to fill them in with eyebrow powder for a more subtle look or an eyebrow pencil for a bolder look.

Here are some of my favorite products to help you achieve this look:

 Bold Lips

Bold lips is another trend for this Fall. Orange, brown, plum and ox blood red seem to be the top four color choices when it comes to lipsticks this season.

Here are a few lipsticks I'd choose for trying out these looks:

 Low Ponytails 

 This is a sigh of relief when it comes to hair trends this fall. I refuse to spend more than 10 minutes on my hair on a work morning and a low messy ponytail will be a fun go to. For New York Fashion week this year, this look was seen a lot of the runways with parts down the middle and side swept bangs. Secure an elastic band at the base of your neck and take a teaser come to it or curl the ends to give it your own flare!

Enjoy trying something new this Fall with your beauty look! Hope you had fun reading!