May 03, 2012

Inner Beauty Insight

I know this blog is predominantly about beauty products and trends that are in the NOW but I wanted to post a blog about how important INNER beauty is. This is more important than any lipstick you put on or mascara you try and while that will make you LOOK pretty on the outside, what's inside is much more important.

As women we subconsciously spend a lot of our time bashing ourselves for what we see in the mirror. Society places this huge pressure on us to be skinny, have perfect hair, to never age, to look and act a certain way ALL THE TIME.  Not only is it exhausting and expensive but it's impossible.

We all have features on ourselves that we don't like, or wish we could change but these things make us unique. Remember ladies, we're not all supposed to look the same and you cannot start comparing yourselves to any other woman or women who are airbrushed in magazines or celebrities that have a whole team of people working on them before an awards show. People like this have personal chefs, personal trainers, nannies for their children and 4 hours a day to spend at the gym a day. This is not real life.

Inner beauty starts when you begin to really love yourself flaws and all. These two things go hand and hand and you can' t have one without the other. The way you feel about yourself is a reflection to others. If you feel beautiful it comes in the way you carry yourself. Loving yourself comes with maturity and experience. You learn as you go what makes you feel good about yourself and it doesn't all come from material things. It really starts from within.

Don't you love this quote! :)

Here are a few ways to improve your INNER BEAUTY! 

1) Self Confidence- Look for ways to improve your self confidence. You can achieve this by pursuing your talents, doing something you love or taking better care of your health. For example, for me personally, exercise always helps improve my self confidence. Not only does it release endorphins but it benefits every aspect of my life. Your body really is your temple and it's very important to make that a priority. If you don't take care of yourself who will? 

2) Appreciate the Little Things-There is line in my sorority's poem that says "To see beauty, even in the common things of life." Sometimes you have to stop and notice the little things in life that are beautiful. It could be something in nature or something kind someone said to you today. When I get down I think of how lucky I am to have such a great support system in my friends and family and the simple act of recognizing that always makes me feel good. Be grateful for all things big and small. There is always a way to find some joy in being appreciative of what you do have instead of what you don't have.

3) Have fun! Don't take yourself too seriously. When things get hard you have to try to find the joy in life. Do something that you know for certain will make you happy. Meet up with an old friend you haven't seen. Watch your favorite funny movie. It can even be as goofy as turning on your favorite song in your home and dancing around like a fool with a loved one.

4) Be positive- Instead of putting your focus on the bad in your life, focus on the good. Try to quit complaining. Take time to sit back and assess a good or bad situation and find the lesson in it. Everything life throws at you is to help you grow. There is always a way to find some good in every situation. With a positive attitude you also exude confidence.

5) SMILE- This one is probably the easiest.  They say that smiling literally reduces stress and can help you live longer. How cool is that?! Smile even when you don't feel like smiling, there is evidence that shows even just the act of smiling can change your mood. Flash a smile to the people your around, it's contagious!! It's also been said that smiling helps our immune system. The benefits are endless here.

6) "Find your favorite.."- Go to the hair salon and try out that new awesome hairstyle you have been eyeing for awhile. Wear your favorite pair of jeans. Strut your stuff in your favorite pair of shoes. Put on your favorite lipstick. These little things may not matter much to other people but they make you feel good about you and that's the point.

6) Daily Positive Affirmations- This is a BIG one that took me awhile to learn. DO NOT BASH YOURSELF. Do not call yourself fat, ugly, stupid or anything else negative for that matter. This is a must! It may take practice for some but it's really important. When you emit these negative things about yourself out in the world it'll set the tone for the day. Start your day by thinking of at least one positive thing about yourself. It also doesn't have to be about yourself but it could be about how you wish to start your day. You have a choice each day to decide what kind of attitude you're going to have. If you wake up and start worrying about something, I guarantee that will follow you around all day. If you wake up with a negative attitude about what your tasks are for the day it will for sure effect on how your day goes. I promise you. When you think and say positive things about yourself and situations it typically results in a better day and a better attitude.

Everyone is beautiful in their own way. Embrace it ladies! You are all BEAUTIFUL! : ) Thanks for reading.


                                                             See ladies, even Christina says so! :)