December 12, 2016

Beauty Blogging and Motherhood

Nothing in the world could have prepared me for motherhood. Not even listening to family members with great insight and stories. When you're pregnant you hear a million warnings before you welcome a baby into the world but it's not until you experience it personally until you understand how much your whole world changes. The one thing I will say is while it changes dramatically, it changes for the better. The love you experience really is all consuming and unlike anything I've ever experienced. It's the greatest thing in the world.

I was flipping through family photos since having the baby and the one thing I noticed is how tired my husband and I look in the early months after Adrian was born. I barely wore makeup because there are a lot of days that go by where it's just unnecessary or there wasn't time in between cleaning up diapers or spit up to put it on. It just wasn't important, nor should it have been. I looked at our Mother's Day and Father's Day family photos and can't help think like, "Gosh, we look so tired, but we really look happy." There was a shift in everything the second our son came home. Every single thing that seemed important before, no longer existed. 

I started this blog originally because of how much of a fun hobby it is for me to research makeup, makeup trends and try new and fun things with it. As Adrian gets older I've found a little more time to get slowly back into my passion for makeup and skincare but it's been hard to find a balance between it all. What's most important to me now is being a good mommy. It's hard to figure out how to redefine that passion now that I've changed so much. As we approach the New Year this is a goal of mine as to how to figure out how to move forward with trying to merge both things, being a good mommy and having something on the side for myself that I'm passionate about. I realize this will take time and lots of brainstorming but it's something that is important to me.

For all my followers that have kept up with me from the beginning of this blog 5 years ago, thank you! You guys have been a great support and your encouragement has meant so much to me. It's very inspiring to know that this has been something others have enjoyed. As I redefine what this new chapter means, I hope you'll join me on this ride! 



  1. You're a star and an inspiration! Plus the best mom ever. :)

  2. well certainly is a lifechanger...but the best kind...