July 03, 2012

Do's and Dont's of 4th of JULY style!



As women we are free to be whatever we want to be in this country. From cooky to wacky. From goth to diva-liscious. Go ahead girl and WORK IT! :)

Let's start with the Eye makeup for the holiday.

DO wear blue eyeshadow. 

Start with a light blue color all over your lid. Blend a darker blue in the corner. Use a highlighter below your eyebrow and really blend it all together so it's clean looking. Finish it off with some black liquid liner and a volumizing mascara.

DON'T color block your eyeshadow into RED, WHITE, AND BLUE and then decide it's a good idea to have your eyeshadow match your lips. BAD IDEA.

Next lets go with what to wear!

DO wear a cute top with red white and blue in it. I think it's cuter to wear a top with red white and blue in it then rock a generic shirt with a flag on it but it's up to you.

DON'T  wear this dress out in public. It's cute to be patriotic but this outfit can wait for Halloween.

As for shoes. Here is a good idea!

DO rock some red, white or blue flats

DON'T ever wear these EVER...because...just please don't. :)

Next is NAILS! My favorite.

DO spend a little more time tonight painting your nails red, white and blue! Paint your nails white and then take red, white and blue nail polish and use a toothpick to create little dots on your nails and let the dry and add layers.

DON'T get cray girl. 

Hope you enjoyed my Do's and Don't's of 4th of July style. I just found a good blog also on 10 songs for your 4th of July playlist if your interested in checking that out, created by one of my favorites...Lauren Conrad.

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