July 14, 2012

LUSH Crush

I have been walking past this store front for months at my local mall and I've always wanted to go in but have decided to stop myself. I didn't want to get addicted to the colors, the fun looking products, the smells of natural oils and organic skincare, because I knew myself and because I knew I'd instantly be hooked. Well dammit, I was right. I'm now in love.

I walked into LUSH a week ago to see if they had anything for my itchy skin. Maybe something organic would do the trick. There are so many fillers in our lotions and body washes that probably do more harm than good half the time anyway. Well, I walked in on one of my lunch breaks and was greeted by so many kind people who worked there. Most stores like that freak me out because I really don't like to be bombarded or pressured to buy things when I shop but these people were like old friends from grade school you hadn't seen in years. They were friendly, did demonstrations and told you how and why each and every product was natural and wonderful. I knew I was in trouble when I saw Bath Bombs the size of my head staring back at me in hues of bright pink and blue. Then it took everything I had not to scream in delight when one of the workers there took my arm and a rose smelling body conditioner was draped over my arms filling my nose with relaxation.

Sure enough, on my first visit I had to get something. I got a Peace Massage Bar. A massage bar? I had never heard of something like this. It filled with olive oil, cocoa beans and Shea butters to moisturize and calm skin. They have several different flavors but this one was recommended for my skin. Not only does it feel great on my skin but it smells so good. I love the idea of using natural skin care.

I went back for a second visit and once again felt like I was greeted by old friends. I discovered some new products this time. I wanted to get a some sort of bar of soap to soothe my skin and was recommended to get Putty in your Hands. This is a soap that doesn't actually have SOAP in it. Kinda bizarre I'd say. The product states that it's a combo of oats, lavender, tea tree and chamomile oils. It says online that it's for your hands only but I used it as a regular bar of soap and it was great. The oils are natural antiseptics so you don't actually need soap as these oils clean just as well without drying out the skin.

Here is what it looks like:

My last rave of this blog was the Bath Bomb's. Like I mentioned earlier these huge bath bombs are so colorful and fun looking. There are so many different kinds and scents but I had to chose 2 Butterballs and 1 Rose Queen. While they were $4.95 a piece I was told what great soaks they were and how soft they make your skin feel. They also mentioned you'd smell great the entire day after bathing with these. Before they could finish their words I had 3 in my shopping bag.

I couldn't help but take a bath after all these products I had purchased to try. Tonight I used the Rose Queen. It's a pink bath bomb that smells like roses. When I dropped it in my tub I was delighted by the instant fizzing of pink that was filling my tub. I was even more amazed when hot pink flower petals began exploding out of this bath bomb. I felt like I was at my own one person party and I was so excited.

Check out what my tub looked like:

HOORAY! If anyone knows me, they know how much I love pink and how much I love flowers! My bathroom was filled with the smell of roses and I soaked for a good 10-15 minutes in this loveliness. My only concern was how I was going to get ride of the flower petals but I was too happy in the moment to care. All that matters after a hard week's work is relaxation at any cost, even if a little clean up in involved.

I came out of the tub as soft as a baby and smelling like flowers and it has latest me several hours so far.

While the store is a little pricey, nothing beats wonderful customer service, a colorful environment full of organic cleansing and skin care products. It's a great place to visit to treat yourself from time to time and I'll definitely be a regular customer in the future.

Hope you enjoyed reading! Now go out and visit a LUSH store today!

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