August 03, 2012

Olympic Swimmers NAIL IT!

Growing up I was an athlete at heart from the get go. I like to tell people that I was like my Dad's little boy in some sense's because I loved playing any sport he signed me up for. Basketball, softball, soccer, volleyball, gymnastics, name it..I've probably played at some point.

Well now that I'm older and in the "working world" I no longer have time to be apart of team sports anymore and I gotta say, I really do miss my days of being a Captain of my soccer team in high school. I had so much fun and was so fit.

I have been watching the Olympics this summer and my favorite sports to watch are always gymnastics and swimming. This is a good thing because they play those at night on TV and so when I have time I sit down and tune it. One of the first nights I noticed that the USA Women's swim team was kicking butt and at the end of one of their relays the one lady pulled out her cap and I immediately noticed her nails.


I was so excited to see that nail art had made it's way to the London Olympic games! These girls have painted their nails anything and everything to do with the Olympic rings and their county colors. I couldn't be more excited.

I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE Women's gymnastics. I feel like I'm there with them. I have gotten choked up, screamed with them and rooted them on. All while sitting in my living room alone with my goldfish crackers. But I love these FAB 5! They are so cute. I love their liatards as well.

Not only are they rocking the horse, the balance beam and the bars but look at how awesome they look!

Several summer Olympics ago I never would have noticed these things but the older I've gotten, the more into beauty and fashion I've gotten as well. Watching this years Olympics not only makes me so so so proud to be living in the USA but really excited that our women are rocking these awesome looks!


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