August 07, 2012

Stacked Jewelry

The past couple months I've been really into rings. Mostly stacked rings. I started searching for them on Etsy and found some I really loved that were real silver. Since getting into rings I've also noticed that you can do stacks of bracelets and necklaces to get the same effect.

My advice is, if you're going to do stacks of rings, necklace or bracelets, pick one body part to set your stacks up on. When you wear too much jewelry it seems to get a little gaudy looking.

Here are some looks I found on Pinterest that I really enjoyed. 

As far as bracelets go, I think it's important to remember to mix chunky bracelets with skinny ones. Or you can do sparkley ones with simple ones. Mixing it up creates a look that looks like one big bangle almost but cooler. I love how the bracelets move with your arms and keep things feminine looking. i'm not a big watch girl but I would like to pair chunky bracelets together to get this look.

As far as rings go, here are some looks I liked for stacked rings.

When it comes o rings I like mixing one solid ring with little ones or one with a center jewel and tiny ones. Place around with what looks good on your own individual fingers.

Lastly, here are some necklaces to stack. 

Same goes for necklaces. Pair one center necklaces with two or three little chokers so they hang at different lengths. 

I hope you liked the different ideas for stacked rings, necklaces and bracelets that I chose. I'm really loving these looks and hope to use them more this fall.

My favorite place to buy jewelry is Forever 21. Here you can play around with looks for cheap! 
Have fun with it ladies.

Thanks for reading!!!! :)

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