August 15, 2012


During the Closing Ceremony of the Olympics, I felt like I was 13 all over again. The Spice Girls came on and I was pumped. For any of you ladies who loved them as much as I did as a teen you know that excitement of seeing one of your favorite childhood bands reuniting for one of your favorite songs.

Nonetheless, I digress. Did you see how amazing they looked? I always remember the Spice Girls looking awesome in there brightly colored outfits and what I really liked about this girl band even back then was they all dressed to their own individual style. Posh dressed in dark clothes that were sexy. Sporty Spice always work tightly fitted outfits that were sporty and hot. Baby Spice always was covered up, looking lady like and sleek. Ginger Spice would wear brightly colored outfits with the English flag on it. Scary Spice was always in your face with tight and bright colored get ups as well.

I just love them and this is a tribute to them, girl power and the positive poppy music they play.

These woman look even more gorgeous now than they did then! They get better with AGE! :)

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