August 16, 2012

CIRCUS by Andreas Choice

Who doesn't love a circus? Well I guess I know some people who are scared of clowns but yet how could anyone resist the colors, the lights, the acrobats and magic? I know I can't. I came across this new nail polish line called CIRCUS and I love the packaging as well as the colors. This seems to be a brand new line of nail polishes because the only collection of colors they have on their website is their NEW Fall Collection colors.

I am subscribed to MYGLAM which is mailed to me monthly and includes a beauty case with 4 or 5 beauty products in it for only $10.00 a month and the past two I have gotten have come with 1 bright yellow nail polish and 1 bright pink nail polish. I personally wouldn't think of these as a FALL colors since they are bright and very neon but following up with the them of CIRCUS this makes more sense to be their first collection of colors.

Here are the FALL 2012 Colors that are currently for sale:

I love the advertising and the little containers these nail polishes come in (they are those tubular cases in the picture). I love when make-up lines come with nice packaging. I remember when I worked for Elisabeth Arden that all their products were in these dainty boxes covered in plastic wrap that was folded ever so neatly and I always loved that.

I have tried both my yellow and pink nail polishes and they have good consistency. On a plus side you just need two coats to get the hue that perfectly matches the bottle. I would definitely recommend these if you aren't a huge fan of dark colors for the fall and want to keep things lively. Unfortunately, you cannot buy these lovely colors until the Fall of this year so I cannot tell you how much they will cost. Check out her website:

Andrea leaves a sweet note on her website about this current collection, stating:

“I hope you like my creation as much as I do and invite you to brush on these hand-picked colors and allow yourself to be whisked away to that dreamlike place where all the senses are stimulated and dreams are made! From the colors I curated to the Big Top inspired packaging, I hope that Circus by Andrea’s Choice helps you look and feel amazing.”

- Andrea


How whimsical! Hope you enjoyed my BLOG!

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