March 23, 2017

Give me all the UNICORN

As most of you know, there has been a unicorn trend on the rise in the past year. I've seen it everywhere from recipes on unicorn hot chocolate and cakes  that look oh so yummy, to clothing such as LuLaRoe where if you have a special pattern you love, it's called your "unicorn".

This colorful trends has really been messing with my little girl, fairytale days and I can't help but feel nostalgic as well as giddy over it. My sister and fellow blogger Swiss Missus, got me my first unicorn item for my birthday coming up and I cannot wait. These are the UnicHorn brushes by Sugar & Cotton. Look at how pretty these colorful bristles are!!! I can't wait to try them.

Just as I couldn't get anymore excited, Tarte came out with a spring release of their own unicorn makeup brushes and palatte and my jaw hit the floor. I have to have it all. Check out their version of brushes with gold handles! This is a 5 brush set with a powder brush, contour brush, liquid foundation brush, crease brush and eyeshadow brush. Perfect for the latest trends in applying a full face of makeup. 

They also came out with a stunning eyeshadow palette, highlighter, 2 matte glosses and a rose gold liquid liner. (All pictured below) Each product was so thought out and is so gorgeous and fun for Spring! So shop on Tarte's website now or get out to Sephora as soon as possible because these are limited edition items and I'm sure they'll sell out soon because they are too beautiful!

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