March 21, 2013

My Favorite Beauty Vlogger's

  (For those of you who have never heard the term "Vlog" it stands for "Video Blog".)

I love checking out beauty vlogs online for some of my beauty inspiration. There are so many beauty vloggers out there now a days and they're all over YouTube and are growing in masses. I've seen woman of all ages, races, shapes and sizes putting themselves out there and I gotta say, I give them a lot of credit. It's not easy to put your bare face out there for the world to see and apply make-up the way you like. Especially when some of the time people write the nastiest, rudest responses to these videos.

I wanted to share with you some of my favorite beauty vloggers as well as some of my favorite videos of theirs to check out. These woman are all fantastic and fun to watch.

1.) My first vlogger is Bubz Beauty. "Bubz" as she calls herself is this adorable woman from London. She's has the cutest accent and is super talented. Not only does she have inspirational videos and answers fans questions, DIY projects, videos on her adorable dogs, but she has some really great beauty tips I wouldn't have discovered without her. While it may sound cheesy she is the type of person I feel like I could be super good friends with. She's goofy, funny, and honest and I like that she doesn't take herself too seriously.

One of my favorite blogs of hers was "How to get a Slimmer Face" on facial massage and some helpful tips how to massage the face to get the stress and puffiness out of it. Check it out!

2.) Another vlogger I'd like to share with you is MMandLShow. Michelle Money was on the Bachelor a few seasons back and while she was targeted as the "mean girl" on the show, I remember her always having the greatest hair and make-up out of all of the girls on it. Haha! Turns out she is a hair stylist and her and her best friend Laura began this blog in 2011. I came across this vlog randomly and figured I'd check it out. These ladies are another group of girls who don't take themselves too seriously but once again have some really great tips on drugstore make-up and brand names. I always enjoy seeing super close friends together. They play of each other's goofiness and always give me a good laugh.

I love their video "The Laura Curl-Sexy Curl Hair Tutorial".
(I really want to buy this wand their using cause it looks amazing but I did buy this dry shampoo and it is pretty awesome.)

3.) I've been a loyal fan of Michelle Phan for a few years now. She was one of the first beauty vloggers I've seen to really pave the way for beauty in social media. She also started her own company called IPSY which is a monthly beauty bag you can sign up for to get monthly for $10. I'm a subscriber and it's like Christmas every month when I get my glam bag of samples. Basically, I want her life. She's a really sweet girl with great beauty looks for Halloween, weddings, inspired beauty looks from movies and music videos, as well as some great DIY ideas and she makes it look SO EASY but she is really easy to follow.

This look she shows here is gorgeous. "Summer Sunset Eyes"

Hope these women help inspire you as much as they inspire me!!! Thanks for reading!

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