April 17, 2013

The "Side Part"

Hello my lovelies! Since taking a much needed break from coloring my hair, I have already become bored with it. I got about 3 inches cut off of it about 2 months ago to get rid of the rest of my ombre' to leave me with a pretty blunt cut that sits at my collar bone. I'm not going to lie, it's been really hard not to do something drastic to it.

I've debated chopping it off again, putting highlights in it and even for mere second considered blunt bangs before I remember that bangs looked HORRIBLE on me. I have somehow managed to stop myself every time. It's been almost a year since I colored it which is the longest I've gone in 5 years.

To change things up I have been checking pinterest out, googling spring tends and looking through magazines and the celebrity who's hair I keep gravitating to lately is Jessica Alba. Every time she has her hair styled or down it looks awesome. I've been noticing how she has been pulling off this awesome deep, side party lately and it's super cute on her.

Check her out..

Apparently a deep side part down your hair is actually a trend this year so it's a good time to start playing around with your parts if your interested in this look as well. It looks great a number of ways. 

Here are some ways to try this look now! 

1.) Where it down with curly hair. Pump up the volume with some volumizing hair spray and a tease comb. 

2.) Factor it into a low pony tail by creating a deep side part and slicking it back with an elastic band.

3.) Tuck one side of your hair behind your bands for this cute look.

 Here are two of the tools I suggest using to help you achieve this look:

1.) I use the Monroe Teasing U Brush Model No. 2280 this is a rather inexpensive brush to help achieve some quick volume and the pointy end to help separate my hair. to get a straight part.

 2.) My favorite hairspray is Big Sexy Hair Spray & Play that you can get at most drugstores and Ulta.

Thought I'd share a new look for you ladies to try this Spring if you're as bored with your hair as I am. I even tried this trend (or #1) myself this morning .The look turned out pretty cool! What do you guys think??

Thanks so much for reading! Hope you enjoyed!!

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