January 03, 2017

All About the BRUSH

Hi everyone! Just want to say thanks again for following me on this new venture of vlogging and instagraming my beauty blog! It's a lot of fun and your support means a lot to me. 

I had many of you reach out and ask me why makeup brushes are so important and which ones are needed when doing your makeup. Depending on the makeup you use daily will depend on the brushes you need. 

Below is the vlog I recorded this past holiday weekend on makeup brushes, what they are used for and I also added in there how to avoid spillage of eyeshadow when applying eyeshadow with concealer and foundation already applied and when it isn't. 

Here is a list of links & prices of brushes I use daily! The Mary Kary and the Shiseido ones I mention in this vlog unfortuneatly are no longer available as these are brushes I got 5 plus years ago. I apologize for that but you should be able to purchase similar brushes at Sephora & Ulta. 

-Realtechniques Expert Face Brush $8.99 
-Sephora Angled Natural Brush #50 $15.00 (ON SALE NOW)

-LAB2 Just Blending in Brush $6.99

-Anastasia Brush #12 $18.00

Thank you again for your support! Please follow me @deesbeautyblog on Instagram and on my YouTube Channel for updates and tips. 

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