December 06, 2011

Best Bargain Beauty Buys

Thank you all for your kind words on my first blog. It's really encouraging and really exciting for me!

Now that I've mentioned some of the more expensive products that ROCK, let's talk about the best beauty buys for your buck! :)

When I first started wearing make up at 14 years old, I was constantly at Walgreens with girlfriends buying nail polish, lip glosses and mascaras. Through the years I've stopped buying what doesn't work for me and narrowed it down to the things that HAVE worked for me time and time again.

This is probably what I looked liked at 14 (minus the yellow teeth) trying to wear too much makeup at once until I figured out less is really more. Mom is truly always right. 

Bargain Beauty Buys

1.) Noxema Face Wash- I've been blessed to never have super terrible acne growing up and in my adult life but even still, i have tried many other cleaners and Noxema has never let me down. It leaves my skin soft, it dissolves all the oils on my skin from the day and is gentle on my face. I once heard a story from this older man who said "My sister is 85 years old and has been using Noxema her entire life and has the best skin." Of course that depends on a lot of things, sun exposure, genetics, how well she took care of her skin etc. But I always remembered this man saying that. This comes in a jar or a pump. Personally, I prefer the pump to avoid wasting product. This costs about $4.79 plus or minus depending on the jar or the pump.

2.) Sally Hansen Salon Effects- These nail stickers are so cool. They are one of the most popular nail trends that have come out a long time and I'm a huge fan. Part of the reason this brand is one of the best on the market currently is because these stickers are made of actually nail polish so you can remove them with your regular nail polish remover.

 Any of you that have ever been to a nail salon have gone through the experience of sitting through a wonderful manicure only to ruin it that night by knocking your nail or smudging it somewhere only to feel like you wasted a half hour doing something nice for yourself. With these you won't have that problem. And they last a good week plus depending on how well you put them on and how active you are with your hands. They are definitely worth a shot.

Once you get used to putting these nail stickers on it's a cinch and its a fun and festive. These come in several different patterns, solid colors, glitter, and holiday styles. Once you have gotten the sticker on your nail I suggest painting a clear coat over them to help keep them secure.  Below is a tutorial I found on how to apply these stickers. This is a nice alternative if you can't get to the salon to get your nails done. They range at cvs and walgreens from $8.99 up but there have been more sales on these lately which is nice.

3.)The FALSIES Volume Express (by Maybelline)- I discovered this mascara by chance. I needed a good, black, waterproof mascara for my sisters wedding. This not only is volumizing but it lasts all day and holds a nice curl in your lashes. It's nice if you need a quick full look to your lashes and if you know your attending an event you may shed a tear or two at. I really like the flexible brush to help get at all lashes and I like that it has a curl to it. This costs $7.49 at Walgreens.

4.) Kiss Premium Eyelashes- These are a great find as well. Some false eyelashes are so expensive and what is the point of buying lashes when you're only going to where them for one night? A lot of false lashes now a days say you can reuse your fake lashes if you wash them or something but I think that's super unsanitary. At the end of a long night of wearing these you want to pull these off and throw them away.

My favorite thing about the new Kiss Lashes are the fact that they come with these red strings on the end of each corner of the eyelashes to help you apply them. I don't know a single girl who hasn't had a hard time putting fake lashes on and these little red strings are a big help. They are a little tricky to remove from the lashes once you have them on your lid and the glue has dried but I suggest them to girl that really want a dramatic look and want to practice wearing fake lashes. These cost $3.99 but sometimes are buy one get one free or half off.

5.)Ecotools Bamboo Foundation Brush- Now here is a find!!! I bought this foundation brush over a year ago and love it. Everywhere I turn foundation brushes are SO ridiculously expensive and I don't even wear foundation but I like to use a brush to blend my concealer so I'm not tugging at my skin and this is a great tool for that. This holds plenty of product and is super easy to clean with water and soap.Another great pro is this brush is made from Cruelty free hair, is made from natural recycled materials. This costs $5.99.

6.) Jergens Natural Glow Daily Facial Moisturizer SPF 20 Medium to Tan Skin Tones- I would like to take a second to thank the Sunless Tanner Gods for FINALLY creating a self tanner that you can wear daily, with SPF, prevents aging and DOESN'T MAKE YOU ORANGE! This stuff is great and I use it everyday. This is a great daily moisturizer that is lightweight and oil free. If you haven't worn it before it builds up gradually the first couple uses and washes off after a couple days. It only comes off instantly if you're using a facial scrub or a toner so be forewarned off that. I personally use the medium and it's not too dark at all. The only con I've noticed is I feel like once I get near the end of the product it doesn't deliver as much tanning agents. Either that or my skin has become immune to it. haha! For 2 ounces it costs $10.00

 Hope you enjoyed my "Best Bargain Beauty Buys" blog. Stay tuned!!! xoxo

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