April 16, 2012

2 Easy Nail Trends to Try - Caviar Nails & Matte Nails

Hello everyone! As you know from my previous nail blog, I'm super into all sorts of different styles of nail art lately. All the different trends I read in my beauty magazines, trends I've seen on celebs and different things my own friends have tried has been really inspiring. I personally spend at least one night a week vegged out in front of the TV giving myself a mani and pedi. While I always manage to get it on cuticles it becomes a special way to spend "ME" time and allows me to get creative. Not to mention I feel so pretty with clean, well groomed nails. That being said... let's get on to the two new and easy nail trends I tried recently.


Have you heard of Caviar nails? This is the latest trend I've found out about last week. The art of it came from London to the states about a month ago and began selling in Sephora. It's a simple two step process that consists of painting your nails and pouring beads on top of the wet coat so they stick. Easy enough right?

NOTE: It's best to leave your nails to dry for at least 15-20 minutes and I've read that you should NOT to apply a top coat. The top coat tends to distort the color.

The brand is called Ciaté and they come in sets that contain a little bottle of beads and a base color. You can find this at Sephora. There are currently 3 colors out right now. Black and blue, Multi colored and white. See the pictures below.

It looks kinda weird when you first see the pictures but it looks so cool on. I promise you. 
Don't the muti-colored ones look like sprinkles?!?! YUMMMM!!!

Heads up if you do purchase this from sephora (like I almost wasted my money doing) it'll run you $25.00. That's a little much for any nail polish look so I did some searching online and came across a cheaper idea thanks to my favorite blogger (The PolishAholic). She found micro-beads at Michaels for much cheaper. Hooray! These are the sets of micro-beads she found that I went to purchase this weekend.  They were $3.99 for a set of 6 or you could get a larger version of 1 color for $1.99. I got the set on the left and tried the black micro-beads yesterday. I'd post a picture but my camera wouldn't take a good detailed picture of it but it looks like the pictures above. 


The other look I tried today was MATTE nails. For some reason I've been in the mood to wear a non-shiny nail. I don't like super sheen nail polish as it is anymore but I wanted to make my nails look flat  and opaque. I heard about Essie's "Matte about you" nail polish which is a top coat that you can put over any regular nail polish you have to make it flat looking. 

Check out this picture below. This is a regular black nail polish with "Matte about you" on it.

This is the look I tried today. I really love white nails in the spring/summer, especially with white nails. 
And I decided to try the "Matte about you" over white. It made my nails like flat like the black above and almost chalky. What's sweet is once you put the top coat on it dries super quick and your ready to go!

Here are some pictures of matte nails in several different colors

Here are some pictures of matte nails in several different colors.

This top coat is $10.00 at Ulta but I got it off of ebay for $4.50 with free shipping.
Hope you enjoyed this blog! These are some easy and fun things to try!

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