April 11, 2012

Makeup Artist Spotlight-Joanna Bastermajian

A couple months back I went to dinner with my girlfriend Joanna and she was telling me of her dreams to become a makeup artist and how she was going to go to school to pursue it. I was so excited for her because hearing her excitement over it, knowing her strong work ethic, and dedication I just knew she'd be amazing.

She has learned all the necessary skills in her classes to be able to do all sorts of looks. She learned how to prep the skin, how to match foundation and concealer perfectly to the skin. Also, she learned how to properly blend eyeshadow, different methods of application, contouring, techniques, tips, and airbrush application. Below are two pictures of looks she tried in school.                                    

Color blocking

Camouflaging the eyebrow

Joanna had a few of us over recently for a girls night out and beforehand she did make-up for 4 of us. She did such an amazing job in a short amount of time. She was able to match our foundation colors effortlessly, pick the right color palettes for our eyes, faces and lips and make us look beautiful. I was so impressed that when she asked me to be her makeup model for her last makeup class I was more than willing to help my friend out not to mention flattered she asked me.

 Each girl in her class was assigned a color to revolve their makeup around and Joanna got the color green. She came over the night before the final class to play with my hair, accessories and makeup beforehand so she had a game plan in mind. 

The day of her final class a group of girls sat in this room with huge mirrors and bright lights as each make up artist transformed their friends. It was a really cool experience. Joanna handled herself with grace and once again did a great job in a short amount of time. She used several different green eye-shadows on me, foundation, concealer, bronzer, a pink gloss and threw my hair up high above my head and stuff a few peacock feathers in it. She finished with a mesh, green bow around my neck and I must say I felt like I was stepping out of a "Vogue" magazine! It was so fun!

After the makeup was finished we went upstairs to have this photographer photograph me for her portfolio. He was such a funny guy. He kept telling me to let loose and pose "like this and like that" while being super expressive. He had better poses than me! His goofiness eased my nerves a little bit and while I'm not an experience model but we were able to get some really nice shots for Joanna.

Here is one of the shots the photographer took.

I asked Joanna a couple Q&A today that I wanted to share with you:

Me: Why did you want to get into the makeup industry?

Joanna: I always was interested in playing around with new products and experimenting with colors.

Me:  What inspires you about makeup?

Joanna:  I love going out side of the typical makeup trends and discovering new or even reinventing old looks. 

Me: Where do want to be as a makeup artist?

Joanna: I would LOVE to work full time as a freelance artist, weddings, special events, photo shoots, etc. or even be represented by an agency.

If you interested in getting your makeup done by Joanna please see her contact information below-
Phone: 847-902-0592
                            E-mail: j.bastermajia313@gmail.com.

**Note to Joanna: Thank you Joanna for including me in your portfolio and asking me to be apart of  your makeup class assignment. I had a great time and know you will do great things moving forward as a makeup artist. I'm so proud of you! Keep up the hard work!**


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