April 16, 2012

Legally Bronze Kit by Benefit Review

The older I've gotten the more I'm looking for a sun kissed, natural every day look for work. I wake up everyday and have a 5 minute make-up routine which consists of eye cream, day cream, concealer, mascara and blush/bronzer. If you're lucky I throw on eyeliner and eyeshadow but I sit behind a cube all day staring at a computer and I don't really find a point in putting those on most days.

I have heard many great things about Benefit and have used a few of their products in the past but found this great make-up kit which includes:

- 0.45 oz High Beam (luminescent complexion enhancer)
- 0.28 oz Hoola (bronzing powder)
- 0.08 oz Gilded (tangerine gold highlighter)
- 0.19 oz BADgal Brown (deep brown mascara for mile-high lashes)

You get a whole look for $38!! All 4 products are full sized and if you're looking for a nice, easy, summer day look this is well worth it. The bronzer costs $28 by itself and the 3 other items cost around that as well so I didn't mind spending an extra $10 for 3 additional full sized products.

Part of the reason I purchased this set is because I read reviews all the time on the best bronzers, mascara's, eyeshadows and other products. The reviews on the "Hoola" bronzer were all positive on several different websites and this has become one of the most popular bronzers out right now. So thanks to all the good feed back I've heard on this product I bought the makeup kit around this product. I'm always looking for a good bronzer and I'm not really liking what I've been currently using which is NARS's "Laguna" bronzer. It's much to light for my skin tone and would probably look better on someone with fair skin.

The other reason I wanted this set is because who doesn't want a J.LO glow? I mean come on!? She always has such a pretty luminescence to her skin which keeps her looking so youthful and dewy. I have heard about "High Beam" being an amazing complexion enhancer/highlighter which gives you that look and I'm so glad I finally tried it. It comes in a little bottle and has a nail polish like brush. A little bit goes a long way. I like to use this under my eyebrow, high up on my cheek bones and a little near my temple. It really gives just enough luminescence to highlight in the light and not make you look overly shiny or glittery. I've also tried to put it on instead of eyeshadow and it looks pretty cool! Have fun with it!
NOTE: It's better to apply this BEFORE the bronzer otherwise it leaves a little bit of a streak when apply it over the powder which obviously isn't flattering.
The Mascara included in this kit is a great medium brown color, with a thin brush great for separating/lengthening. I use this on my lower lashes only and user a different mascara on top cause I prefer more volume on my eyelashes than length. I do recommend this to anyone with thick, full lashes who doesn't need a lot of volume. It's a great mascara for a day look that doesn't clump and comes off with make up remover easy which is a plus when buying a mascara.

The last product in the kit is "Gilded" which is a gold highlighter pencil. You can use this as eyeshadow, highlighter for the brow or even on the lips or cheeks to golden things up a little bit. It's not an over powering gold which is why I like it. It's a product that is very versatile.

All in all I really like this set for Spring/Summer 2012. I'm still a little pale from Fall and this is a nice day look to brighten up my face and have a sun-kissed look that I wish I had year round.

Here is a picture I took after applying the "High Beam and the Hoola Bronzer". 

It blended in beautifully and wasn't too much on my skin. 

Hope you enjoyed reading! Click this link to purchase online! Buy me NOW!

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