June 01, 2012

My FAVORITE Summer essentials

Spring and Summer in Chicago are my favorite seasons of the year. I love the clothes, love the weather, the bright colors and all the fun things that go on. But my most favorite thing about Summer is that I don't have to wear as much makeup or use as many products because I'm lucky enough to tan easy and I almost never straighten my hair. The pool water or lake water does wonders for my natural curls.

I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite beauty products that I'll use this summer and why I love them so much!

1.) I really love Organix Moroccan Argan Oil lotion ($8.00) that I found at Walgreens a few weeks ago. This lotion is made of all natural ingredients and smells amazing. It's a really great lotion for after you've been out in the sun all day and it really helps with some areas of dry skin I have. My skin seems to suck this up like water and I love that it smells like summer. For those of you who haven't learned about the benefits of Argan oil, I must share some facts with you because this stuff is pretty awesome.

When it comes to beauty, argan oil itself helps heal scars, helps prevent inflammation, protects against the sun and contains properties that are disinfectant. It contains a lot of vitamin E which helps prevent aging by preventing free radicals cause by pollution from penetrating your skin causing it to age quicker. It also helps prevent wrinkles! This also has benefits to your health as well. If you want to read more about it check out this article I found- Argan Oil Health Benefits. All in all, this oil is amazing for you internally and externally.

 2.) Want your lips to taste and smell like lemon sorbet and still have your lips protected from the summer sun? BUY THIS! For those of you who read one of my first blogs, you know I love EOS lip balm. And I've tried almost every flavor at this point. I just recently bought this Lemon Drop EOS Lip Balm ($3.39)and I'm in love with it. This lip balm contains UVA/UVB protection, contains Shea butter, has an SPF of 15, is gluten free, Phthalate-free and all natural flavoring. It glides on smooth and unlike a lot of the SPF lip balms I've tried this one does not leave any white residue on your lips.

3.) More Expensive Waterproof Mascara

DiorShow Waterproof Mascara ($25.00 @ Sephora or department stores)- I really love this mascara because you can build it up without causing spider eyes (where it builds up and looks chunky on the eyelashes). It gives great volume and really makes your eyes pop. It comes in black, blue and brown.

Less Expensive Waterproof Mascara

Maybelline Volum' Express The Falsies Waterproof Mascara. ($7.49 @ Walgreens or $6.99 @ Ulta)

This mascara gives instant volume and separation. It also doesn't clump up at all and is easy to build upon. Clearly I like any of mascaras with lots of volumizing properties to gives my eyes the pop they need without wearing a ton of eye makeup.

4.) My favorite nail polish this summer is Essie- Turquoise and Cacaos Nail polish ($8.00 at Ulta)

It's a beautiful turquoise color which looks almost the exact same color as a Tiffany's box. It compliments all skin tones that I've seen in on, including fair skin, olive skin and darker skin.

5.) My favorite lip glosses for summer contain a little glitter in them so if you don't like glitter these may not be for you. Since I don't wear much face makeup during the summer I at least like a little sparkle on my lips.
I really like "Smile"  Dazzkeglass by MAC  ($19.50) It's a pale coral lip gloss with pink and gold pieces of glitter in it. I like MAC's lipglosses cause they all smell like vanilla and I love anything vanilla flavored or scented. It's a very smooth gloss and not very sticky like some of the other brands out there.


My other favorite lip gloss of all time is Chanel Glozzimer in "Pailetties" ($29.50) - This lip gloss is like putting velvet on your lips. You only need to apply it once or twice to get this pinky lip full of pink and blue glitters. This lip gloss is stunning on. It's long lasting and moisturizing and I like that you don't even need a lipstick color under it for it to stand out.

Thanks for reading!! HAPPY SUMMER EVERYONE! :)

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