June 22, 2012

Playing with your hair color and cuts-Dee's Hair Evolution

I feel like as woman we always want what we can't have. If we're tall, we want to be short. If we're short, we want to be tall. If our hair is curly, we want straight hair. If we have straight hair, we want curly hair. You know what I'm talking about. We all do it. 

As I've gotten older I've learned to accept things about myself that I can't change like the size of my thighs, my Italian schnoz, or my thin hair. But I've also learned something really important as well. Have fun with your look. Try different colors you haven't tried. Whether that be nail polish, eye shadow, mascara, blush, lipstick, clothes, shoes, purses or even hair color. The point is..HAVE FUN!

For the longest time I kept my hair long and straight. I hated it curly. By the time I got to college I realized my look was getting old. I wanted to try new things. I wanted to try new hair tools and new colors. I was sick of looking the same all the time. I'm an artist as most of you know so I constantly like to be inspired by new things and new looks. 

Dee's Hair Evolution

The first time I ever colored my hair it got botched. I was a freshman in college on my first Christmas break and I did one of those at home highlighting kits and it came out awful. The color was brassy, streaky and I was pretty disappointed. I decided to leave it alone for awhile. By the time summer came around I decided to do an all over color to my natural color and it came out redder than I had hoped. Then I decided to leave it alone again. Eventually it faded and grew out and I left it alone for a long time.

By the time my first semester of Sophomore year of college ended I decided again at Christmas break to dye my hair a darker brown. I wanted something slightly different but not too drastic. 

The result came out nice!

Once again I left my hair alone for a long time as my hair began to grow out.Come Junior year of college I was ready for a more drastic change. I thought "Hmm..why not go a tad darker." I liked how the darker brown had looked on me so I figured I could pull off something a smidge darker. 

Black hair days!

Black hair was definitely one of the worst looks I tried but I'm glad I did. I wanted something different and this is what I got. It was very hard to pull off a natural looking face with black hair and I felt like I constantly needed a full face of makeup otherwise I'd look super washed out. This was still a fun look none the less and I kept this going for about a year.

By the time I was over my black hair I went back to brown. 

WARNING: Black hair color is hard to strip out of hair and the process took a good 4-5 hours before my hair was back to brown. 

Soon I graduated from college and was ready for a more grown up look. Many people stuck with long hair all of college and by the time I left I needed to leave some old looks behind as well. My hair had gotten so long and so drab that I wanted to do something drastic. The whole "Posh Bob" trend was so intriguing to me that I sat on chopping my hair off for months. Finally one day I went into a salon on whim and told them to cut it off.

I really loved it!

I'm so glad I chopped my hair. Not only was it completely freeing but it was so fun to play with a new style. I highlighted it, put pink in it, cut it shorter, left it curly and had so much fun with this look.

Little bit of pink at the ends

I kept my hair short for about 2 years. I varied different lengths of it throughout those two years and even tried to grow it back in about 2 or 3 times but every time I did I'd get a really awkward length.

What really got me wanting longer hair was when I saw the new "Ombre'" trend that was becoming popular in early 2010. What also sealed it for me was all these pretty wavy looks that were being seen everywhere. Soon I found myself missing my long curly hair and wanting to move on to something new. 

It took another 2 years of growing my hair out to get it to where I wanted it. While it grew I continued to play with it's color. I dyed it dark brown and put some black low lights in it and then by Summer of 2011 I finally got it long enough to get some really pretty high lights in it.

I forgot how much I missed my hair long and naturally curly.
At this point in my life I really have accepted the natural curliness of my hair. I have really grown to love it when I leave it alone. I've also really learned to love a natural face of makeup as well. Maybe this is apart of growing up and learning to love and accept yourself but either way I've embraced what I look like naturally.

Bye bye dark brown hair!


What I hope to get across to all you wonderful ladies is to HAVE FUN with your looks. I'm not suggesting you change yourself in any way by posting this but reminding you to have fun with what's out there. Once you try it once you'll realize nothing is permanent (unless your getting a tattoo..ha ha). Trying new things will open you up to a world of possibilities and it will rejuvenate you.

Most importantly, please remember...don't do it for anyone else but YOU!

Thanks for reading! :)

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