September 20, 2012

Some girls can get DIRTY too...

This blog was inspired by this volunteer opportunity I took advantage of yesterday. I am a founder of a volunteer group within the company I work for and I try to participate as much as possible. I love giving back. Nothing feels better than helping those in need and in your own community. To be able to feel like your contributing to something means so much.

For those of you who follow this blog. It is true this is ALL about beauty! I have news for you. I'm more than OK going sans makeup to work, or getting my nails chipped, or letting my eyebrows grow in from time to time. I'm ok if my hair is in a bun and I haven't brushed it for 2 days. Basically, what I'm saying is sometimes I don't give a crap what the hell I look like. Can you believe it?

Baby Dee doesn't always have good fashion sense! :)

Lets rewind to my childhood. I used to play outside all the time. I'd roll in dirt and rough it with our next door neighbors and almost LOVED getting dirty. I also remember my Dad specifically yelling at me to brush my hair before we left the house. I sleep funny and somehow always managed to have a rats nest in the back of my hair full of knots and tangles.

When we knocked down our garage in our house years and years ago, my sister and I helped my Dad paint the walls, hammer in nails, stucko the ceiling. I had so much fun. I didn't care about getting dirty once again. My dad is my favorite person in the world so helping him was always fun cause he taught me so so much.

Fast forward to present day Dee and yesterday I spent 3 hours with 3 other men painting the opening of this women and children's center in Chicago.Needless to say things got messy. By the end of it I had droplets of paint on my face and in my hair. My blue nails and hands were coated in thick globs of paint and I continuously got made fun of the whole time I was painting.

"Dee, your pants are covered in paint."

"Dee, there is paint in your hair!!!"

"DEE! Why is there so much paint on your hands?!?!"

"Dee! You know your going to have to repaint your nails?!"

And I finally chimed in and said...

"LISTEN GUYS! I chose to volunteer today because I can care less about getting messy! Now let's finish this job!!

Trying to clean off the mess!

Paint stuck to nails.

When it comes down to it, dirt and paint wash off as well as makeup. None of this "stuff" really matters. ESPECIALLY when you're giving back to people who need help!

 Hope you got a laugh out of this! Thanks for reading!

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