September 10, 2012


I was born in 1985 halfway through the 80's and their ugly sense of fashion. I'm sorry to offend anyone who loved it but out of the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's sense of fashion...the 80's has to be my least favorite decade. The good news is by the time the 80's ended I was 5 and prior to that had no clue that what I was wearing was so not cool. My mom dressed me mostly in leggings, oversize shirts, and sequence. My sister and I rocked side pony-tales and scrunchies like it was no ones business. And who even cares about what they look like before the age of 10? I mean, at least I didn't.

I noticed about a month ago all the websites I shop at online were starting to debut fall looks. These are some of the trends I was seeing:

Leggings and loose tops

Sneaker wedges

Jackets with big shoulders


Now this is the 80's done right!! You may disagree and hate that the 80's are back but I really like how they made old trends better and more fashion forward for the 21st century. I knew I was going to like this seasons trends when I saw these.

The HAMLIT by Steve Madden
 I heard about this sneaker-wedge ideas several months ago through a girlfriend and at first I thought this sneaker wedge was a really bad idea. Well when I saw this pair it changed my mind.

Here is why!

  1. I hate wearing heals unless it's a wedding or an important meeting at work. I have a 2-3 hour max of standing in them and then they immediately come off.
  2. I LOVE wedges because they are easier for me to stand in but still pull off some height on my 5'3 frame.
  3. I love GYM shoes. I'm a runner and growing up as a catholic grade school girl, I loved the right gym shoes.
  4. I love to be comfortable but be fashionable.

 That was enough for me to purchase these. I want to be trendy for the fall and these shoes go with everything. I typically wear black, grey, white and neutrals in the Fall and Winter and knew when I saw these I'd wear them plenty. I have had these for about a week and really enjoy them so far.

Then I saw my mom wearing a gold bangle last week. It was so trendy and matched her outfit so well. I had to compliment my gorgeous mommy.

The conversation went something like this.

"Mom, where did you get that cute bangle?!"-Me

"Oh, I've had this forever. Make sure to save all your jewelry because it always comes back around."-Mom


Shoot! I've thrown away a lot of old jewelry over the years and then this weekend while cleaning my room I came across this box. When I opened it, jewelry I wore in junior high sat in the box staring back at me. My mom's advice dawned on me again. I immediately closed my box of old jewelry that brought back so innocent times and told myself I'd keep it until the 90's fashion sense came back. Here's hoping if they ever bring 90's fashion back someday.

I have to admit it's a little funny to think that I'm old enough for the fashion sense from my childhood to be recycled but it's also pretty cool. Hope you enjoy playing around with this Fall and Winter's fashion/beauty trends because I know I will!

Thanks for reading! :)

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